Senior Software Engineer

Chennai, India - Full time

Are you interested to work at a place where you are given the opportunity to grow and level up your skills?

Are you someone who has what it takes to energetically learn new concepts in technology?

Do you like working with an equally-energetic team, like-minded and passionate programmers?

Do you like to create impactful and scalable products?

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We are creating one of the strongest tech companies and are working extensively on cutting edge technologies.

Clojure Kotlin Scala R F# Node.js React Native ML Kafka Apache Spark DevOps React Vue.js

What We Look For

Bring in a "can-do" attitude.

Passion towards technology and software engineering - blogging, open source, pet projects, conference talks

Participate in a highly fluid environment applying agile software development principles

Carry out unit tests and other quality control mechanisms to inform and validate the designs and code

Work with customers to bring an end to end perspective of the problem

Ability to ask the right questions and communicate your ideas with clarity

Ability to collaborate with various stakeholders and take complete ownership

Participate actively in building one of the strongest technology organizations

As a Senior Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience…..

Quickly adapt to our startup environment which is both demanding and fast-paced (but is also a lot of fun)

Eager in learning new concepts, technologies and be productive in short time

Convert a raw idea into usable real-life software products

Good understanding and working knowledge of technologies worked

Demonstrate good problem solving skills

Write modular, readable and maintainable code

Own and be able to manage a small to medium sized project

Demonstrate ability to guide and coach a new team member or fresher