Lead Software Engineer

Chennai, India - Full time

Are you bored with creating CRUD based systems?

Are you feeling that your learning is not as high as it can be?

Would you rather spend your time creating impact-full solutions that have complex engineering needs?

Want to wear your code and solution on your sleeve and not just aim for delivering a solution irrespective of the muck inside?

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We are creating one of the strongest tech companies and are working extensively on cutting edge technologies.

Clojure Kotlin Scala R F# Node.js React Native ML Kafka Apache Spark DevOps React Vue.js

What We Look For

Bring in a "can-do" attitude.

Work together in a fast-paced environment to solve customer challenges.

Work with customers to bring an end to end perspective of the problem.

Passion towards technology and software engineering - blogging, open source, conference talks.

Participate in a highly fluid environment applying agile software development principles.

Carry out unit tests and other quality control mechanisms to inform and validate the designs and code.

Ability to collaborate with various stakeholders and take complete ownership.

Participate actively in building one of the strongest technology organizations.

As a Lead Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience...

Influence technical decision making and high level design decisions - choice of frameworks and tech approach

Know what to do in an inception(specifically on sound understanding of agile, ability to influence no trade off on practices etc)

Ability to make appropriate technology choices after evaluating multiple options and considering trade offs on small to medium projects

Demonstrate the ability to understand different approaches for application, integration and influence decisions by making appropriate trade offs

Specialise on non functional aspects (security, scalabitlity, performance, integration)

Understands configuration management and deployment issues.

Insights into performance and scalability issues on complex applications

Very strong design skills and understanding of software architecture

Demonstrate effective leadership and mentoring capabilities