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Determining the Right Programming Language

Programming Languages, Polyglot • The following article published in Huffington Post, is written by Adam Jerningan, CEO of Financials on Tap, based on a discussion we had when we met in Austin • read more

Scale Up Azure Functions in F# Using Suave

Functional Programming, F# • In this blog post, you are going to experience a scaled up version of Azure Functions in F# using Suave • read more

Langton's Ant in F#

Functional Programming, F# • Some steps of my journey to discover functional programming. I used F#, which i know at a very basic level, to ramp up my Functional Programming and F# skills • read more

Jasmine or Mocha

Automated Testing, Mocha, Jasmine • So, the story goes like this. We have a big codebase, and a clean slate to write tests. We had Jasmine tests in the past, but those became unmaintained and stale. So, we got rid of it all, and started afresh • read more

Building an OData service in F# using Entity Framework and Suave

Programming, F# • OData (Open Data Protocol) is an OASIS standard that defines the best practice for building and consuming RESTful APIs. In this article, you are going to learn how to implement an OData service in F# using Entity Framework and Suave. • read more

Expressing Business Logic With F#'s Partial Active Patterns

F#, Clean code • Checking the state of the system and performing a requested action only if certain conditions met, is an indispensable requirement in most of the software we write. Though it is a straightforward thing to do, things will get complex/messier when we need to check multiple conditions. • read more

Rubber Ducking

Problem solving • Sometimes, the Samurai in you is wading through a big hot desert with no sight of water in the horizon. • read more

Sad state of XYZ — or What happens when you pick shiny new stuff

Programming, DevOps, Web Development • Sometimes, the Samurai in you is wading through a big hot desert with no sight of water in the horizon. • read more

‘Step’ into your cucumber feature

VIM, CUCUMBER • This post is about a way to reduce your inconvenience when writing step definitions in cucumber using Vim. • read more

Docker for Development: Common Problems and Solutions

Docker, DevOps • Started using Docker from Dev to Prod yet? Here are some hacky solutions to common problems during development. • read more

Docker image with Tor, Privoxy and a process manager under 15 MB

Docker, DevOps • At a time when we're obsessed with saving minutes (sometimes seconds) in build/test/deploy times, container image sizes are an elephant in the room • read more

ES 5-6-7: From Callbacks to Promises to Generators to Async/await

Javascript, NodeJS • Let's take a real life use case with the request library and convert it from callback style to promises to generators to async/await • read more

Distractions are good at work

Agile • This is not about the fulltime chatter boxes. At work, than always switching my windows to code and test and browse, I find it better and lively to spend sometime in interactions over the table • read more

The beginners guide to Infrastructure Automation

DevOps • Everything you wanted to know about Infrastructure Automation, from task runners to configuration management to containers • read more

Why I chose Golang?

Golang • There are hundreds of posts to explain when to use golang, whats awesome about it etc. The fundamentals on the choice • read more

Ruby in Production: Lessons Learned

DevOps, Ruby • Tips for a better Ruby production experience, along with automation scripts for Vagrant, Ansible and Docker • read more


API, REST • REST is supposed to simplify URLs. But guess what? Most people do it the other way around. Here are a top list of annoyances • read more

People are missing the whole point of Pair Programming

Agile • Pair Programming is always being touted as a tool to improve quality, but there is a completely different aspect to it • read more